The drolls (featuring Tilly clark)

Tilly: lead vocals

Chris: keyboards, vocals, percussion, bass, cello

Steve: lead and rhythm guitars, vocals

Tauny: drums, piano, guitar, vocals

Alex: double bass, 5 string electric bass, 4 string fretless electric bass

Ade: producer, sound technical support

Kayt: vocals, writer, producer

Special guests: Chris Walmsley: trumpet and flugel horn, Marta Moriera: deputising vocalist, Suzanne Smith: deputising vocalist

Logistics: Debbie Southwood

Many thanks to the photographers and videographers who have contributed: Andy Skinner, Ash Kahn, Wendy & Mark Easter, Ade Bullock & Debbie Southwood

Original Song Videos

Will a one night stand develop into a committed relationship?  Deep uncertainties, wistfulness, hope, frustration and despair cry out in the lyrics, driving towards an inevitable conclusion.  Lyrics and melody: Kayt Smith.  Arrangement:The Drolls. Performance date March 15th 2024 by The Drolls featuring Tilly Clark.

A call to action, contrasting the optimism of 2009 with the rise of rampant nationalism and polarisation in more recent times.  This song is our rallying cry against wanton apathy and helplessness.  What will we leave our children's children?  Lyrics and melody, Tauny Southwood.  Arrangement: The Drolls

This is the first song we wrote together as a band in 2019, when Kayt joined the band and sung us the lyrics and melody of “Sometimes”.  What turmoil a broken relationship leaves in its wake.  Lyrics and melody: Kayt Smith.  Arrangement: The Drolls

Trust and relationships, whether strong and secure or fragile and uncertain, are built on the foundations of our past life.  Lyrics and melody: Kayt Smith.  Arrangement: The Drolls