Introducing the Drolls 

The Drolls (featuring Tilly Clark) headlining at The Red Lion Folk Club, February 2024

Tilly clark

lead vocals

Although Tilly has only recently joined The Drolls, she is already a vastly experienced singer-songwriter.  She is multilingual, with a particular passion for performance of jazz genres such as Bossa Nova and Afro-Cuban in original languages (French, Spanish, and Portuguese).  She is part of the RBC Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra.  

1st EP 2017 ‘They Were Right’ 

2nd EP 2022 'Sweet Summer Runaway'

She has also written and sung for the rock-soul band Nomads, and featured on their debut EP ‘Beggin’,  in 2019.


Alessandro di maio

bass guitar (Double bass, 5 & 4 string electric)

Alessandro (Alex): joined The Drolls in 2023 as a bass player (5 string, 4 string, fretless, and double bass).  He is also proficient on keys, and has extensive experience in a wide range of musical styles ranging from funk, reggae and rock through to jazz and swing.  He composes and records in his own studio, as well as with The Drolls, of course!

Chris Davy

Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, bass

Chris (Seedy): Classically trained on the ‘cello and orchestral percussion (which translated into swing band drumming and bass guitar), Chris found himself behind a keyboard almost by mistake. At some point, somebody also made the mistake of allowing him a microphone and now he won’t stop singing!  As one of the musical theorists of the band, he has an amazing talent for accompanying any new tune on keys, bass guitar or cello, in addition to singing harmonies at almost any pitch.  

Steve ashby

guitars: electric, electro-acoustic, vocals

Steve's first band was called Atomic Sausage. Disbanding after a disagreement over ketchup or brown sauce, he arrived at The Drolls via a circuitous route of a capella groups, indie bands, acoustic folk duos, a Beach Boys tribute band, and drama school. His eclectic background has generated a melodic style of playing that meshes well with the Drolls sound. He loves making music with The Drolls, and hopes one day to sneak in an Atomic Sausage song without the others finding out...

Tauny Southwood

drums, guitar, keyboards

Tauny: had a few years of piano lessons as most children do, but was far more interested in any form of percussion. He was allowed to start learning drums as a 11th birthday present and played in his first band (a marching band) soon after.  Self taught on mandolin and guitar, he joined his first rock band as a drummer at university and began composing songs during those rather fraught years.  He uses either piano or guitar for songwriting and has a tendency to rather poetic lyrics. 

Ade bullock

After studying Electronics and Acoustics at University, Ade has had a successful software career with music engineering as a hobby.  He dabbles with a few instruments but is most comfortable in front of a mixer or a computer screen and enjoys using the magic of software to make The Drolls sound even better. 

Kayt Smith (nee Easter)

Kayt continues to contribute musically to The Drolls but new family responsibilities have curtailed her live appearances for the time being.  Despite having little musical background, Kayt has pursued her passion for singing since childhood.  An important early influence was Celine Dion, and memories of her lyric narratives clearly influence Kayt's songwriting.  As a teenager, she was driven to polish her singing craft in musical theatre. She has an amazing voice, and is able to mimic the pitch, phrasing and even accents many of the great female vocalists of the past 20 years. As one of the main songwriters for Tayz & the Drolls, she discovered a talent for writingheart-felt lyrics and dramatic melodies.

special guests